Impact Cylinders
Impact Cylinders  

Creating an impact out of thin air

The Impact force is constant even at changing inlet pressures, so do not worry about leaking pneumatic lines.
Adjustable from 100 kgf to 900 kgf at the turn of a screw.
Entirely modular : mount it anywhere, horizontally, vertically, from a wall, even from the ceiling.
The Technology
The unit uses compressed air to generate a threshold forward thrust. Once this threshold thrust is built up, the specialized pre-loaded ball-socket assembly (SPBSA) takes over to deliver the desired impact. The SPBSA is so designed that the delivered impact is independent of the inlet air pressure ( for any pressure above 3.5 bar ). This ensures that even if the inlet pressure varies due to leaking pneumatic lines or any other reason, the impact force stays constant.

For obtaining different impact forces from 100 to 900 kgf, all that you have to do is tighten / loosen the Impact adjusting screw.


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