Benchmark special purpose machines
Benchmark special purpose machines
Your Imagination is the only constraint
Using our in-house indexing tables, XY tables, riveting heads, impact cylinders etc., we have built several tailor-made assembly work stations.

Some of these are shown here

Continuous assembly station for final assembly and terminal-riveting in domestic switches.There are two of our Spin riveting heads integrated with our pneumatic indexing table.

One operator loads the various components into the assembly, the assembly then indexes under the two different riveting heads. after the riveting operation is performed, then the finished switch is ejected automatically into a chute through which it falls into the final packing carton. While the job falls into the carton, a job counter keeps a count of the number of finished pieces ejected. After the programmed number of finished pieces are filled into a carton, that carton is indexed forward on a specialised packing platform and a fresh carton is indexed below the chute for packing. Earlier, this operation was being performed by two people giving an output of 5 pcs. per minute. Now, one operator finishes 10-12 pcs per minute plus the packing operator is eliminated leading to huge manpower saving coupled with increased output.
Hi- speed Choke Shaft riveting machine for Carburettor shafts of two-wheelers.

This machine integrates our Electromechanical indexing table with our Spin riveting head. the output achieved is 37 pieces per minute with manual feeding and ejection. Earlier the output achieved was 11 pieces per minute.

Twin spin riveting machine with reactionary drives.

Here, two of our modular spin riveting heads perform a riveting operation on either side of a steel rod which acts as a rivet, typically as in 'Door Hinges'. The two riveting heads exert pressure against one another perfoming the riveting operation simultaneously on opposite sides of the same rivet rod.

Earlier the same opearation was being done on our standard Spin Riveting Machine, one side at a time. Now, the output is more than doubled from the previous 4 hinges per minute, since the loading and unloading time is also reduced to half.

Continuous assembly assembly station for assembly of Immersion rod heaters integrating our Impact cylinder, air presses, a glue dispensing unit and our rotary electromechanical indexing table. The output achieved is 14 pcs. per minute as against 4 which was being achieved earlier.

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